Some general Tips

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Some general Tips

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Well on a serious note, here are some general tips:

Crit: Crit gives you the chance for an attack to not do his normal DMG, but to do 1.5x the DMG.

DMG-Progression: As you might have noticed, there are 2 Instabilities built around DMG.
  • Number 1 is, that your DMG is raised with each hit.
  • Number 2 is, that you will not exactly do DMG * Resistance on your opponent, but "around" that dmg. So it is more like expected value with variances of up to 10(?)% i think.
Dont open up your jewel chests until later into the game. At start you will get items frequently. Later you won't. -> itemlvl scaling etc.
Buy the Pot for 5days and 15% more stats. Difference between being able to compete in PvP and not.

I might edit some more things here.
Hope that helps at start.



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